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"A born writer, especially a born story-teller. Dr. Sutherland, who is distinguished in medicine, is an amateur in the sense that he only writes when he has nothing better to do. But when he does, it could hardly be done better." G.K. Chesterton.

New feature: infographics

Understanding the life of Dr Halliday Sutherland involves the getting to grips with the legal, medical, political, religious and social issues of his era. This has meant that the historical articles on this site are sometimes too lengthy for a time-poor reader.

Today a new feature has been added to the site: info-graphics. These aim to make the history more accessible in a short and succinct format. The first infographic outlines how Sutherland’s work as a doctor led him to oppose negative eugenics and which in turn led him into a court battle with Marie Stopes.



If there are any topics relating to the life of Dr Halliday Sutherland that you would like explained in an infographic, please let me know through the “contact” page.

Mark Sutherland, Curator, hallidaysutherland.com

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Stopes v Sutherland libel trial 1922-24

Centenary of the House of Lords judgment21 November 2024
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