Halliday Sutherland

Doctor. Tuberculosis pioneer. Best-selling author. Convert to Catholicism. Enemy of eugenics, and eugenicists.

Halliday Sutherland quotations

Against eugenics

“There are some self-styled eugenists who declaim that the prevention of disease is not in itself a good thing.  They say the efficiency of the State is based upon what they call ‘the survival of the fittest.’  This war has smashed their rhetorical phrase.  Who talks now about survival of the fittest, or thinks himself fit because he survives?  I don’t know what they mean.  I do know that in preventing disease you are not preserving the weak, but conserving the strong.”

Address to the YMCA 4th September 1917

On meeting the Bishop of Galway for permission to visit the Magdalene Laundry at Galway

“Is there anything to hide?”

Irish Journey page 79

On the outcome of the Spanish Civil War

“No honest man may whisper against Franco without shouting from the house-tops against Stalin.”

Spanish Journey page 65

Creed recited by the children of the Regent’s Park Bandstand School

“I will always fear bad air;
I will never fear good air;
I will open the windows
And save my life.”

The Arches of the Years

Religion and Superstition

“Religion and superstition are not identical, although both are beliefs.  In true religion there is nothing repugnant to reason, and when Rome failed to eradicate pagan superstitions she Christianised them.”

The Arches of the Years

On simplicity

“Simplicity—the only attribute of mind common to genius and to fools.”

The Arches of the Years

On being asked if his books were true

“To that I answer: ‘Yes, they are true; but they are paintings, not photographs.’ In any art a man is entitled to accentuate some lines and attenuate others, provided his aim be a life-like portrait.”

In My Path

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Centenary of the Stopes v. Sutherland libel trial

21 February 2023
4.3 years to go.
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