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"A born writer, especially a born story-teller. Dr. Sutherland, who is distinguished in medicine, is an amateur in the sense that he only writes when he has nothing better to do. But when he does, it could hardly be done better." G.K. Chesterton.

Suggested Plan for a Popular Lecture on Consumption (1917).

The back cover of “Consumption: Its Cause and Cure” gave an outline for a lecture on consumption as follows:

Mortality in the United Kingdom.
50,000 die of consumption, 20,000 of other forms of tuberculosis (bones, glands, and joints), 150,000 disabled, and 500,000 infected people.

Where the Death-rate is Highest.
In slums four times greater than in general population.  Bad air and poverty predispose to the disease.  There is no inherited predisposition.

The Tuberculous Nest.  Infection:
400 billions of tubercle bacilli may be discharged in sputum every 24 hours.
Also in droplets of secretion expelled from mouth during act of coughing.
Tubercle bacillus, a minute invisible germ.  24,000 placed end to end measure an inch in length, and 400 millions could lie side by side on surface of postage stamp.

Means of Infection from Human Sources:
Inhaled in the air.
Swallowed in food.

Sunlight destroys germs in three minutes.
Expectorate into sputum flask with 5% carbolic acid, which kills germs in 30 seconds.
Sleep alone and in separate room.
Avoid any share in preparation of food.
Avoid kissing.

Infection from Bovine Sources:
Tuberculous milk kills 10,000 Children in United Kingdom every year.
1 in every 11 churns of milk contains living tubercle bacilli.

By tuberculin test and segregation, tuberculosis can be exterminated from herds of cattle. What has been done in America.

The Tuberculosis Dispensary:
Is the collecting centre and clearing house for all tuberculous patients.  In the early stages patients are cured at these dispensaries without giving up their work.  Dispensary distributes other cases to its auxiliaries, and makes their homes healthier.

The March Past:
When one case of consumption has occurred in a family all the other members should be examined by an expert. Consumption, when diagnosed in time, is one of the most curable diseases known to medicine. March Past reveals cases in all stages of the disease; for these suitable provision is made.

Hospital for Advanced Cases:
Great need for these in industrial centres to treat these patients apart from the Poor Law. Segregation alone will not exerminate consumption.  Why?

Public Health Authorities:
Disinfect homes.  All cases being notified.

The Open-Air School:
Great importance of this.  Relation to the Dispensary.

The Sanitorium:
The Open-Air Cure.  Only suitable cases should be sent.  Why?
Sanatoria alone will not eradicate disease.  Why?
Relation to Dispensary.  Time patients should be kept.

The Farm Colony:
Its relation to Sanitorium.  Only suitable cases should be sent.  Why?

The Co-Ordinated Scheme

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